Meet Leah

Wealth Witch. Soul Diviner. Badass Intuitive Mystic. Living an abundantly wealthy, magical, soul aligned life.

On a mission to inspire, guide and empower millions of women to rediscover their soul’s purpose and step fully into wildly profitable purpose work.


Living in purpose actually can equal prosperity. That Universal Law actually supports you manifesting anything you deeply desire when you FINALLY embrace worthiness and deserving, and CLAIM your birthright. This is how I do purpose: flow, ease, grace, gratitude. The more I do purpose this way, the more I prosper. It’s all about giving myself […]

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The Wealth Alchemy Mastermind

I really don’t care if you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a healer, an artist, a musician, a teacher or a housewife. YOU ONLY NEED TO DESIRE CHANGE IN YOUR CURRENT FINANCIAL REALITY. I wanted to create a space for people that are ready to shift EVEN if they can’t invest thousands of dollars into a program. It’s a monthly commitment of $111 US/month, to show The Universe, YOU and me that you are serious about doing the work. Join me!

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Ouroboros: Quantum Wealth Repatterning

Ouroboros is 12 weeks, with me, in your face for those who are serious about doing the work to shift their money story. It is not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to SHOW UP and DO THE WORK?

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