Meet Leah

Wealth Witch. Soul Diviner. Badass Intuitive Mystic. Living an abundantly wealthy, magical, soul aligned life.

On a mission to inspire, guide and empower millions of women to rediscover their soul’s purpose and step fully into wildly profitable purpose work.

The Wealth Witch Podcast

Hosted by wealth alchemist, soul diviner, and spiritual business coach, Leah Steele, aka The Wealth Witch. This podcast is for people ready to deconstruct their wealth programming and reclaim their financial destinies. Leah offers insight, advice, and practical tools to help people achieve their divine birthright: BEing Wealthy in all areas of their lives!

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Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy In this program, you will tread the landscapes of internal alchemy, while receiving interactive ways in which to implement the wisdom to enhance your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual paradigms. Discover the ancient wisdom that will change everything about how you look at wellness and the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies FOREVER.

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The Wealth Alchemy Mastermind

The accessible monthly mastermind for people that are ready to shed their programming and conditioning and rediscover their purpose work, or step fully into it, FREE FROM LACK MENTALITY AND SCARCITY.

Here’s what you get with your investment of just $44 a month:

💰Weekly Exclusive Content & Trainings⁣

💰A Monthly Zoom Coaching Call⁣

💰A Monthly Q&A Session ⁣

💰Wealth Paradigm Downloads⁣

💰Wealth Activations⁣

💰Audios from me⁣

💰A mastermind chat to develop a likeminded community to share your wins and struggles⁣ with

All you have to do is go to and download Telegram on your phone or desktop.

Then send a new message to @WealthAlchemyBot to get started.

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