You are BROKE…not BROKEN

You are BROKE…not BROKEN.

Aren’t you tired of choosing the struggle?

Who actually told you that you have to live in poverty to be living in purpose?

The Spiritual Money Police?

Fuck the collective consciousness’ beliefs about spirituality and money.

I’m over it. I’m also over healers, energy workers, spiritual change makers, artists and musicians accepting that bullshit.

I’m tired of the excuses about why you can’t make money.

Because the truth is…you can. And you are the only one keeping you stuck.

You can shift. You can change. You can break your self-made shackles and create a different life. A life full of financial freedom and abundance.

It won’t be easy.

It’s not for everyone.

It will require a willingness to move through fear and discomfort.

It’s gloves off, deep soul introspection. 12 weeks of intensive emotional clearing and mindset work.

You are BROKE…not BROKEN.

Are you ready to dig deep and shift everything about your relationship to money, wealth and receiving?

Can you handle the transmutation of the fire?

I know you can.

Who is ready to step into the fire with me?