Failure is Inevitable

Look, I really don’t care if you are afraid of failing.

You are going to.

It’s inevitable.

I’m afraid every single day.

I fear all kids of things. Fucking it up. Doing it wrong. My ego getting in the way. Delivering the wrong message.

You know what I fear most?

Not delivering the message at all. Not reaching the one person that needed to hear it that day. Not fulfilling my purpose.

That’s what keeps me showing up day after day after day.

Because ultimately it’s not about me and my fear is trivial and matters very little in the grand scheme of things.

To NOT show up and deliver the message is negligent. And wildly irresponsible. I’ve been tasked with a mission. A purpose. It IS of the divine. And if I allow my ego to get in the way and fear to keep me from it, then I am allowing the programming and the conditioning to win.

The world needs me at my biggest and brightest and most brilliant.

It doesn’t need me to shrink or shy away or play small.

It’s just no longer an option.

I am here to guide YOU to light the match. To light the fucking match and ignite your purpose and to step out into the world and share your gift.

To help you face your fear and do the thing anyway.

So I don’t care if you are afraid.

We all are.

What does that have to do with anything?

Are you going to let your fucked up money story stop you from your purpose?

The time is now.

The world needs you NOW.

Not your excuses and poor me pity party.

Be done with your bullshit excuses they are boring. You found me for a reason.

It’s time to shift.

Letting money stop you or keep you from your purpose is just the most ridiculous thing I can think of.

If you are meant to be a world changer you MUST do wealth consciousness work. That’s it. You can not continue holding on to your limiting beliefs, emotional conditioning and programming. Carrying that baggage you will never be as big as you are meant to be.

You will never reach the people you are meant to reach.

I know.

Because I had to do this work. I continue to do this work.

You already know if you’re meant for this work. So are you?