What are you Pioneering?

This is the year of the pioneer. It is time to begin to pioneer the things you are here to pioneer.

I wanted to have four books out by December 2019, but the energy of the year just was not here for it. But the energy of 2020 IS here for it. I am launching books and am going to be a bestselling author this year. It is going to require hard work, setting firm foundations, and showing up every day. That is the four energy of the year.

The 22 number is here to create. That 22 energy- the loftiest dreams and goals you have can become a reality this year.

For me, this year is all about investing my most precious resources- my time, energy, and money- into strengthening my relationship with the divine- that God energy, the 0. I just know that through that foundation and hard work, that anything is possible. Strengthening my relationship with the divine and working hard is what is going to lead to my eight energy- my abundance year.

Expect to be required to show up this year. Expect that it is going to require effort on your part to be financially abundant this year.

It is the year of wealth alchemy. But the alchemist actually has to do something. The alchemist does not just sit there and wait for things to materialize.

What are you pioneering and creating this year?