Be Rid of Financial Slavery Consciousness

My purpose has become to end the financial slavery consciousness on this planet for everyone, but especially for spiritual entrepreneurs.

We are under the thumb of an oppressor that is holding all of the beings on this planet, save for a very small percentage. We are controlled through programming that has existed for generations.

This programming comes down through our ancestral DNA, and we experience that from the time we take our first breath on this planet.

The work I am committed to doing in the world right now is helping people to deconstruct their emotional conditioning around money, wealth, receiving, prosperity, abundance, currency, worthiness, and deserving.

But even more than clearing emotional conditioning is the part of deconstructing the programming. This will get you to the place where the spell is no longer affecting you, so we can actually see through the cloaking. This gets us to the place where we can see the reality of how we are being kept in slavery consciousness and how we can break out of it and live a life truly of financial freedom.

What is your idea of financial freedom?