It’s Time to Bond Through Thriving!

We are bonding through struggle. We cannot change the trajectory we are currently on by continuing to bond through struggle.

We get to bond through THRIVING.

Envy, jealousy, and greed are not human pathology. They are designed constructs to keep you playing small and keep you controlled.

You get to decide: do I stay small?
Do I act like the fucking crab that I have been conditioned to be and pull my fellow man back down in the bucket with me?
Do I remind someone that they are not compassionate if they are not bonding through the struggle?

Do I decide to do something different?
Do I decide to disregard my envy/jealousy/fear/lack/scarcity and CELEBRATE that person?
Do I decide to ask them how I can be closer to them because I desire to thrive, too?

If I thrive, then that means the people in my community start thriving. If they start thriving, then the people in their communities start thriving.

It is in that moment that you make the decision to ignore the envy, the jealousy, the greed, and choose to uplift your fellow human being.
Choose to support that person that you see thriving.
Choose to do something different.

That is how we change our trajectory. That is how we fix this.

In taking responsibility for yourself, can you see the ripple effect it can have out in the world?