The World Need YOU…Just As You ARE!

I make no apologies for being who I am.⁣
I’m certainly not for everyone. ⁣

All my life people told me I needed to get more in touch with my emotions. I needed to FEEL more. I needed to become more EMBODIED.⁣

So I learned how to emote. And I became really good at it…like most things I put my mind to. Fake emoting. Fake feeling. ⁣

But here’s the thing. ⁣

I’m NOT overly emotional. It’s not who I am. I don’t experience high highs or low lows. I’m pretty much level all the time.⁣

Exceptions to this are frustration or annoyance. I almost always cry (yes…it happens…usually quarterly) from frustration. ⁣

And it doesn’t make me a sociopath or mean there is something wrong with me.⁣

I’m not here to FEEL. It’s not my gift and it’s not my constitution. ⁣

So stop fucking judging me! Bahahaha! Just kidding. I know you can’t. (That 5/1 Projector life)⁣

Seriously though. We are all different. You be you. I’ll be me. You might be here to FEEL and be embodied. And just because that’s not for me, doesn’t mean I don’t love that about YOU.⁣

Trust me we need you. The feelers. The nurturers. The huggers. 🤣 ⁣

But this post isn’t actually for you.⁣

It’s for the people like me. Something tells me you need to hear this right now.⁣

Be YOU. ⁣

We desperately need YOU right now. The world needs you.⁣

Your level-headed, no-nonsense, get shit done, take no prisioners and no bullshit perfection. ⁣

And you are perfect. Just as you are.⁣

Step up and show up. ⁣

It’s our time.⁣