2020 is a Year of Wealth Alchemy

2020 is the year of wealth alchemy!

The first card I pulled in the Tarot forecast I did for 2020 on YouTube was the Wheel of Fortune card. This means no matter what, this is a year you can harness the Wheel of Fortune energy of everything going right and everything going in your favor. Know that.

Something you might want to be aware of is that in the middle part of the month, I pulled the Strength card reversed. You may begin feeling defeated.

Toward the end of the year, the collective is shit. There are so much scarcity and lack at the end of the year. Then all of a sudden everyone is feeling better with the new year energy.

We do not feel that very much this year because of what is happening with Capricorn and Pluto. The collective is going to feel like they do not have the strength to move forward.

It is essential to realize and recognize, especially if you are particularly sensitive to energy, that some of those feelings are not yours; they belong to the collective.

But knowing and understanding what is happening astrologically this year is going to be huge.

Know that you have the strength to make it through this. You can thrive in these first three months if you decide.

With this knowledge, what decision are you making for yourself? How are you showing the Universe that this is your decision?

(P.S. stay ahead of what is happening energetically in the collective by seeing what else I had to say in my 2020 forecast by checking out my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/leahsteele .)