2020 is Going to Be Straight Savage

2020 is coming at you straight savage.

It does not give a fuck about your excuses, your sensitivity, or your feelings.

I just realized how over people talking about their feelings I am.

It is not that feelings are not important or should not be validated.

But I feel like I open Facebook, and it is the same people talking about the same shit. It is all about being triggered and having traumas and being sensitive.

This isn’t to say that people’s traumas aren’t valid. But it comes down to this: do you want to make money or stay stuck in your feelings for the rest of your life?

Because I am pretty sure 2020 gives no fucks about your feelings.

2020 is going to be about getting your shit together, decide what is in alignment for you and what is not.

Stop making excuses about why you cannot let go of the things that are not serving your highest and best good. Just fucking do it already. 2020 is not going to have time. Honestly, I can already feel the savagery, and it is not even 2020 yet.

But ultimately, is being sad and staying in your process that important? Or is your divine mission and the work you are here to do here on this planet the most important?