2020’s Energy is Heavy…

The energy of 2020 is challenging, especially since we are coming out of a three year, which is a year of communication, the entertainer, fame, and fortune. It definitely had a lighter feel.

This year is just going to feel heavier. We are going to see political unrest. It is a four year, and we are also having a lot of crazy astrological events as well that are heavy. It is not a doom and gloom thing, but we have to understand the energy so we can properly harness it.

The love and light people are going to fucking struggle this year because they are not going to be able to love and light their way through this energy.

The people who are comfortable doing shadow work are not going to struggle as much with Pluto’s placement for the first quarter of this year. All the major players are coming to meet in the Underworld.

You might be feeling the heaviness right now.

Are you committed to showing up anyway?