Your Associations with Money are a PROGRAM

The majority of people on this planet have negative emotional associations with money. A small percentage of people have positive associations, or have worked to create positive associations, but the majority associate money with negative emotion. If you associate money with negative emotions, it repels it from you. ⁣⁣
This is intentional. To keep us operating in a way that benefits the global financial elite, the global financial agenda is made up of formulas that keep us trapped in financial slavery consciousness. ⁣

One of those formulas keeps us reinforcing negative emotional associations with money by recreating situations of lack, scarcity and money trauma. These situations keep money from being in flow, which makes us continue to go into debt. Going into debt creates more bills to be paid on an already over-taxed and overextended framework. The bills then are paid late, or not at all, creating more negative emotions. ⁣⁣
It’s just this vicious cycle that is damn near impossible to get out of unless you start really understanding the programming, and choose to learn to play within the program. We gain economic freedom by treating it like a game. I learn more and more about this every single day. ⁣

What shifts for you when you begin to think about money as a game?