Wealth Forecast: May 17th-23rd

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 17th-23rd: Death, reversed
We are moving into Saturn retrograde, which means we are revisiting things that we thought were past. But it is not over. Do not be too quick to walk away from things or end things. Whatever it happening, make sure that you are revising it.
May 17th– Nine of Wands, reversed
This is the card of the wounded warrior. Upright, it means that it is a time of nonaction. Reversed, this means that it is a time of action. It is time to step out of the place of protection, moving slowly or resting. It is time to step into action. Go out in the world and do the things you need to be doing this week.
May 18th– Nine of Pentacles
This is the card of complete female financial independence. This is such a beautiful money card.
May 19th– Ace of Cups
This is the Holy Grail card. Holy Grail opportunities are coming to you today.
May 20th– Queen of Swords, reversed
This is the day that we have the Sun moving into Gemini, which is about communication. This card indicates women feeling upside down in communication. Again, make sure you stay in your integrity, identify your goals, and take immediate action. Be clear and concise in your communication and stand in your communicative power. Stand in your Queen/King when it comes to communication!
May 21st- Ace of Wands
This is a new opportunity for purpose work and passion projects coming to you.
May 22nd- Five of Wands
This is the card of conflict. There is going to be frustration today. So watch your words. You may be feeling like people are being selfish, so make sure that you are in integrity and be prepared for conflict over the weekend.
May 23rd- The Hermit
This card is always telling you that you are your own best teacher. It is always indicating to you to go inside, seek internal guidance and counseling that day. Look at how you are spending your most precious resources of time, energy, and money. This is a time to reevaluate and revisit those answers…which you already have inside of you.

When you know that you are your best teacher, what can you learn from yourself this week?

Photo Credit: Robin Wood