Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Everything that Isn’t Serving!

Don’t be afraid to ask for everything that is not serving your highest and best good to fall away.

Don’t hang on because it’s more comfortable to stay stationary or even stagnant than to expand and grow.

Two months ago I asked God/Source/Universe to take away anything and everything that was holding me back. I sincerely asked to shed the things that were in the way of my infinite potential.

In all areas of my life.

It was scary as fuck, that prayer, that request, that intention.

It was scary because I KNEW that it would be answered. It was the first time that I had honestly and sincerely been ready to surrender ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

I knew it would be answered because I have cultivated a powerful connection with God and my higher self I’ve the past few years. I know that when I ask with sincerity, I get what I ask for. But I had no idea how quickly the shifts and changes would come though. Holy shit!

The last two months have been some of the most uncomfortable of my life. They have required me to lean deeper into faith and trust than I ever have IN MY LIFE. Of myself, of God, of other people.

I’m learning so much about myself and my self-sabotaging patterns. I’m learning how I sacrifice my desires for others…even when I say I’m putting myself first.

I have learned that loyalty is SOMETIMES a reason to keep showing up…and sometimes a martyrdom complex that gives me a payoff AND ultimately keeps me playing small.

I have become aware of how little of my gifts and message I am actually sharing with the world. And how much more I have to give.

I have realized at deeper levels the responsibility that comes with who I am here to be.

And as the things that don’t serve the greatest version of me fall away…I haven’t felt scared and I haven’t felt worried, like I thought I would. I have felt acceptance, and peace, and knowing…

That I’m just getting started and the best is yet to come!

Could you do it? Could you really, truly and sincerely ask for everything that is not serving your highest and best good to be stripped away?

Why not do it today?

The greatest version of yourself is waiting!