Deprogramming My Money Story

I KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY. And yes, I am a superficial, materialistic, self-centered BITCH.


Within a year of going ALL IN on my business I was having 10K months. At 18 months I was having 16K months, at 2 years I was having 25K months and now at almost 3 years I’ve hit 68K months.


I own it.

I’m a total badass.

I don’t believe in limits and I make my own rules. I have shown up and done every bit of money work I can find. I’ve deprogrammed myself and I’ve cleared everything imaginable. I do the inner work required to design an inner landscape that matches the outer landscape I deeply desire.


“She is superficial.”
“She is materialistic.”
“She is self-centered.”

At some level ALL THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. And I’m okay with being all of those things. Because I know my purpose. I know the change I am here to create on the planet.


So, when I hear the whispers and the talk behind my back, I meet it with a ‘FUCK YES I AM!’

Do you know why I am okay with being those things? Because I have worked damn hard to deconstruct my programming.

I used to believe…
It was selfish to put myself first.
Desiring things was greedy and made me a low vibrating being.
Desiring luxury was superficial and materialistic.
Both of those things, being superficial and materialistic, would make me shallow.
And a horrible person.

And the root of it all was that I really believed…
I didn’t deserve
I wasn’t worthy
I wasn’t good enough
I wasn’t loved

I was programmed and conditioned to believe that if I followed all the rules, played the game just right and stayed INSIDE THE LINES that I could one day be worthy, be good enough and earn and keep someone’s love.

When you write out and read the words it just seems INSANE doesn’t it? That someone would program a child that way?

Well they did. And they did it to you too.

So, it was repeated and reinforced until my spirit was broken ENOUGH. I was able to be controlled ENOUGH. I believed the programming ENOUGH.

I was always the black sheep. The outsider. Stubborn as hell. Talked back. Knew better. Was too smart for my own good. WOULD NOT FOLLOW THE RULES.

Inside of me was a wild stallion that was bridled but NEVER tamed.

And I think at some level, it made all of the deserving and worthiness stuff WORSE, because it’s like I KNEW I was here for something so much bigger. I knew I was meant to be a STAR. I knew I was here to make a difference. But they just kept trying to put out my light. They kept trying to make me fit inside the box. I was confused about why they didn’t SEE how special I was. And they after years of stifling and suffocation I started to question it.

The questioning then turned to doubting and when it wasn’t happening, I felt like I had failed. I wasn’t worthy or deserving. Of my dreams FOR SURE, and then, since I had been rebelling against everything and everyone my whole life, I didn’t deserve and wasn’t worthy of their love either.

Inside the stallion went to sleep.

But I am built from a slightly different mold. And I’m guessing if you are still reading that you are too. I didn’t come here to be controlled or molded. I have a bigger purpose. I am here to BREAK THE MOLD. No matter what they did, they couldn’t get me to completely break.

And once my spiritual re-awakening began the stallion began to stir.

She broke free of the bridle and the deprogramming began.

I’ve faced my worst fears and they didn’t break me. And in the depths of the darkness I found my wild, fierce, free power. And I reclaimed it.

I want. I desire. I DESERVE. I rediscovered my purpose and I unapologetically run towards it, unbridled and untamed. I can’t imagine that will ever change.

I know I AM the divine.
My desires are OF ME and therefore are OF THE DIVINE.
I DESERVE simply because I AM.
I am WORTHY of all that I can dream of and MORE.
And I AM LOVED, and I give LOVE, because I AM LOVE.

I know I don’t need to reach outside of myself for any of those things because they all exist within me. So, I put myself first. Because that is how I access my gifts. I AM SELF-CENTERED.

I did the work and realized that money does not in fact, control ME. I realized that it is an AMAZING resource to be used by me to facilitate my dreams. I began to recognize all the ways society and government uses money to control us. To keep us small. To keep us in line. To keep us from reaching our true potential. And I was like ‘FUCK THAT!’

I am an infinitely powerful manifestor. I have proven it time, after time, after time. And I’m not ashamed of it. I will make no excuses for how powerful I am.


You just have to be able to identify the programming and choose OUT. Do the work and clear your conditioning. BELIEVE. INTEND.

I manifest money to live my dream life. I LOVE luxury. I like spending money. I like buying THINGS… jewelry, sunglasses, workout clothes. I like getting my nails done and my hair done and my eyelashes done and my eyebrows done. So, does that make me superficial? Sure. Does it make me materialistic? YES.

I am also a heart-led, soul-aligned, divinely guided spiritual entrepreneur who meditates, does energy work, is a healer, seer and highly intuitive mystic.

I can be (and am) all of these things.

I have no shame.

And the truth is that I am the PERFECT person to affect global change when it comes to the wealth consciousness of the spiritual community. And I WILL affect that change.

It is my PURPOSE.

I will break all the rules, I will embrace the taboo, I will be loud and crass and unapologetic in sharing my message. The stallion is no longer sleeping. She is running wild and free.


Will you stay asleep?

Or are you ready to break free as well?

Are you ready to own your power and manifest the life you deeply desire?

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