7 Affirmative Statements for Building Wealth

I write in my journal all the time that I get to be financially supported when I listen to and care for my body. It seems redundant to write these things over and over again. ⁣

But you are programming your subconscious mind, sending a strong signal to the universe that this is what is now true for you. That is the power of repetition!⁣

If you get your journal out someday and you do not know what to journal about, try some of these affirmative statements: ⁣

✨Every time I spend money, it comes back to me times ten.⁣

✨Every time I journal, I make money. ⁣

✨Every time I go to the spa and/or get a massage, I make money.⁣

✨Wealth is my motherfucking birthright.⁣

✨I get to be wildly, financially supported doing my purpose work.⁣

✨My clients love to pay me.⁣

✨I am constantly calling in clients who find tremendous value in my offers. ⁣

Sometimes I will just write two pages of affirmative statements about what happens in my life…and it HAPPENS! Commit to journaling affirmative statements daily and notice how things shift for you.