Alignment is the Magic Pill

People are always asking me for the one hack which got me to create this life that I have created. They want to know how to deconstruct their financial slavery consciousness and how to do it quickly. ⁣
If I had to nail it down to ONE thing I would tell anyone just getting started in their wealth consciousness journey, it would be to live completely in alignment. In fact, wherever you are on your wealth consciousness journey, your number one job is to get in alignment.⁣
Alignment is the closest thing to the magic pill.⁣
No matter what is going on in your world, no matter what is falling apart, no matter what is difficult, no matter what shit show is unfolding and unraveling around you, it is about you continually coming back to a place of alignment. ⁣
That is my secret. It is actually quite simple! What do you do to get into alignment?