All You Desire Requires Discipline

As we change and evolve, different things are going to land more with you. Your eyes will be opened to different things. ⁣

The way that we learn, retain information AND create quantum leaps is through repetition. So many people think that it is simply that you want the thing, and then you leap. Yes, things CAN change in an instant. But it is the hundreds of hours of work that lead up to that moment where we actually have the quantum leap that catapults us past some other steps in the process. ⁣


For me, living in states of overflow and abundance means being really committed to your wealth consciousness practice. Because that is such an important part of what I do, it is so important for me to be able to create vehicles through which people could practice that repetition. ⁣

That is my magic. That is my secret. Being dedicated to repetition in my wealth consciousness practice is something that I do that so many people do not do. ⁣

Where can you be more dedicated to your wealth consciousness practices?