Always Upping the Ante

I am years into my wealth consciousness work and still having these amazing realizations and wins. I am upleveling like crazy and continually reaching new heights.

Wealth consciousness work is a neverending process. It is about the journey, not the destination.

I never reach my destination. As soon as I get close to my goals, I am always shifting them. I am always on an upward trajectory. When you really start to understand wealth consciousness work, your eyes begin to be open to infinite possibilities. In doing that, we are always striving for more.

And then the real work begins.

Once we recognize there is infinite potential and begin to strive for that, it becomes easy to fall into a place of being discontent because we are constantly seeking and striving. It is a practice to stay in a place of gratitude for how far we have come. Without gratitude, we can hit a plateau again. While we are no longer in scarcity or lack at that point, it can be a little bit of a letdown and a little bit depressing because we are not achieving what we desire to achieve. That is because we are not in a place of gratitude.

At each level and each phase of wealth consciousness work, there is work to do. There are things we need to shift through. There are things we need to break through.

It is neverending. You do not just take a magic pill, and then suddenly achieve financial freedom. Wealth consciousness work is forever work.

It is work that we are always doing in some way.

Are you doing the work? Where could you up the ante in your personal work and practices?