I’m direct. I don’t beat around the bush and I never pull punches.

What you get is what you get.

I’m not really a fan of small talk and I’d rather just chop the thing in half to get down to the core. I’ve never been a fan of slowly peeling back the layers OR the band-aid.

Just rip the fucker off.

I’d rather just deal with the pain NOW, even if it is intense, instead of prolonging it.

I’d be a horrible Poker player, I have no ability to hide what I’m feeling. All you need to do is look at my face.

I am not very tolerant of overly passive people, overly sensitive people, whiners or people stuck in a victim story.

You may be asking yourself…HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS LADY A COACH OF ANYTHING???

All of this above is actually MY MAGIC. Its why women work with me. The ones that want the REAL SHIT, not a candy-coated cloud of smoke blown up their asses. They appreciate and value my directness. They seek out the sting of the sharp word that cuts to their core or the dull ache of the verbal throat punch. They seek it out because it creates RAPID SHIFTS.

I don’t tolerate excuses from my clients. I won’t accept ‘can’t’, ‘stuck’ or ‘too hard’.


Oh…and MAGIC, but we will get to that in a minute.

It is not uncommon on a call with a client for me to hit them with an ‘I call bullshit’ or ‘uhhhhh, you’re full of shit’ bomb. And my face looks exactly like this picture below every single time. I just WON’T let my clients bullshit themselves. It would be WILDLY NEGLIGENT of me. I would not be doing my job if I let them keep telling themselves the same bullshit stories they have been telling themselves THEIR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.

I’m not about it. The bullshit that is. Or the stories. And certainly NOT the excuses.

I come off as harsh. People get triggered by me ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

I’m okay with that.

It’s not really relevant if you like me. I’m not here to make you feel warm and fuzzy. I’m not here to nurture you. I’m not here to make you feel better.


I am here to pull out the VERY BEST OF YOU. The version of you that you are so damn terrified of that you have locked her in the deepest recesses of your soul. She’s the one who called me. And she and I both know that LOVING ON you isn’t going to free her.

So, if you are looking for a mentor or coach to be your cheerleader and tell you how great you are…keep scrolling.

But if you are still reading this, there is a chance that you are here on this planet to be a change maker. That you are here to impact the world. There is a chance that the very best version of YOU called ME and that is why you are here, reading this right now. That version of you is tired of being repressed and censored and she is ready to break free. She is ready to own her gifts and do what she came here to do, and a cheerleader is just NOT GOING TO CUT IT.

She needs a SPIRITUAL, INTUITIVE, MYSTICAL BADASS to call her out on her shit, inspire her, empower her and most of all to push her as far outside her damn comfort zone as possible.

My work is multi-dimensional, otherworldly and beyond explanation A LOT of the time. It won’t always make sense, but it will create results. It won’t often be comfortable, but it will be more rewarding than you can imagine. I will hold you in the fire in BOTH waking and dream states.

But I will also stand WITH you in the fire. I will rise to meet you EVERY SINGLE TIME. I will transform and grow and expand right along WITH YOU. I will be your lighthouse, your flashlight, your beacon of light EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU NEED IT. Whatever you have, whatever you bring, I will hold it. And then I will teach you to hold it for yourself.

If you are the change maker and you are ready to start THE CHANGE, message me.

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