Are We Truly Ascending?

The energy and vibration of our planet are shifting. Can you feel it?

Some call it ascension symptoms.
Are we truly ASCENDING?

I believe we are.

The Schumann Resonance has been off the charts in the past couple of weeks…spiking to 158hz on December 6th. The Earth’s Heartbeat is considered resting at 7-15hz. Over the last year we have seen dramatic increases in the “normal” range with 30-50hz spikes being a normal daily occurrence. In the last couple of months, the spikes have broken records repeatedly.

Earth’s vibration is rising.

It makes sense that our human bodies are struggling a bit with the change. Physical AND Mental Health symptoms are to be expected.

We are being called to step up and into next dimension consciousness. For many of us that have been operating in and out of 5D, that means upleveling to 6-8D.

And the leaders are being called…but they are also suffering the MOST right now. Our 3D bodies are literally DYING. Our DNA is changing. Our vibrations are increasing.

We are shifting rapidly…to the point that we will be unable to go back even if we want to. That physical form will no longer exist.

My hands have been shaking daily and my pulse is elevated. My vibration is INCREASING.

And I’m being PUSHED to share things that I don’t really FEEL like sharing. I’m once again in the “everyone is going to think I’ve lost my damn mind” place.

I’m being PUSHED to call the leaders to step up and start PIONEERING the REAL work they are meant to be doing.

The time for half-assing shit is OVER.

It’s survival of the fittest now. Pioneer or perish. I know that sounds extreme, but there just isn’t a place for those that continue to play it safe. That vibration is ceasing to exist. The planet will literally CAST YOU OUT.

It’s already happening.
I’m seeing it every single day.

So what’s it going to be?