Are You Going to Bitch Out, or Put in the Work?


I’m pretty sure this post is going to trigger the fuck out of a lot of people.

You might get triggered by me saying “bitch out.” And if that’s triggering you, then you should probably stop reading and immediately unfollow me.

I’m over being politically correct. Especially when there is a point to be made.

You may get triggered by what you perceive to be me speaking from my masculine. And what you see as my need to be constantly pushing and doing. (Actual feedback I have received from people in my community.)

If you are looking for a more nurturing feminine approach, you aren’t going to find that here. You don’t follow me or hire me for nurturing. I’m the person you hire when you are finally tired of buying into your bullshit excuses about why you don’t own your gifts and share your message. You hire me to help you deconstruct that story about why you can’t step into your purpose work and begin making money.

Today was my 1st day back to Muay Thai after being in the US for ten days. I got my ass handed to me. It was hard AF.

My trainer asked me if I wanted to take an extra 30 seconds in between rounds and go 5 instead of 6. I was tempted. I’m still jet lagged.

But then I thought about something…

J-Lo didn’t get that ass bitching out in the 5th round. Or by taking extra breaks. It came from putting in the work and pushing farther than she thought possible.

So I went 6, with no extra time. I almost threw up. I felt like my lungs were going to explode. But I made it through it. I did the work.

More and more I realize that the difference between those that make it and those that don’t, is hours logged. Time put in. And the ones who are truly great…it’s the amount of pain they endured. How far they pushed themselves BEYOND what they thought was possible.

Growth and expansion are rarely comfortable.

Now I’m going to say something that I KNOW will piss off a lot of people in the spiritual space.

As a collective, we have gotten weak AF.

We are trying to love and light our way to results. We are focused on the divine downloads but not taking the inspired action. We are expecting the Universe to deliver all that we ask for without doing our part. We will martyr ourselves from the emotional suffering we endure from doing whatever inner work we are currently invested in.

But we balk at any bit of discomfort or pain that comes from actually DOING SOMETHING.

And women in the spiritual space will quickly discount action as “being in” their masculine. Using the excuse that now is the time of the Divine Feminine. And calling on other women to continually be in their feminine. There is an underlying current in the spiritual space that energetically sends the message that if you aren’t always in your feminine or striving to be, that you are failing the collective and every other woman on the planet that ever was.

What a bunch of totally unbalanced bullshit. Oh and btw…we can take action, powerful action, from a completely feminine place. But that’s another post.

I’m stepping into the next level version of me…Media Mogul. And that shit doesn’t love and light it’s way into existence.

It’s go time. It’s show up and do the work time. It’s fuck the bullshit excuses and stories about why I can’t and why I don’t have time.

Because I do. And I will. This train is leaving the station.

And if you want in on the transmission…all aboard.

I’m staking my claim. I own my power. I’m placing my crown upon my head. It’s my time to Reign.

There are so many of you out there that are ready to take this journey with me.

You are right on the precipice of something so amazing. Something so much bigger than you can even conceive of right now. Can you feel it? The energy. The restlessness. The KNOWING that something supernatural and otherworldly is waiting for you just beyond where you can see or reach…

I want to take you there with me.

Are you ready to Reign?

Two intensive months with me. Pushing the boundaries of what you thought was possible. And for the 1st time in a long time, 1:1 sessions.

The time is now.

Message me for more information.

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place, and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” – Quote from ‘Rocky Balboa’