Are You Going to Fulfill Your Divine Mission?

The planetary happenings right now are NO JOKE.

You are being asked by the cosmos and The Divine right now “Are you going to fulfill your divine mission…or will you give up?”

We will see A LOT of people giving up between now and the end of the year. People that decide the uphill battle is too much, opt out and go back to living as regular 3D beings.

And you have that choice right now. You have the opportunity to choose OUT.

It’s blowing my mind to see people revert back to muggle life. It appears they have forgotten or have lost knowledge. Or like it’s been taken from them…


This next phase of the Ascension will require WARRIORS.

The next phase will see a reawakening unlike ANYTHING we have seen before.

First we REMEMBER all that was surprised and lost. Much will come to light about who we are and why we are here and how we return home during this lifetime to The Divine.

Next we will see financial structures crumble. The foundation the existing financial slavery was built upon NO LONGER EXISTS. It’s only a matter of time before it completely collapses.

There are so many people in power that want to see you give up.

But the truth is…that if you aren’t all IN then those of us leading the way want you to give up too. Becasue if you aren’t all in then you are a liability. You are our weakest link.

If you can’t show up to fulfill your divine mission go back to being regular and we will fulfill it for you.

Because the time is now. We are preparing for battle. The current golden age is going to be a complete Heaven on Earth experience but it is going to require us getting our hands dirty to get there. It’s going to take work. And dedication. And it’s going to require us to stay the course and continue to WAKE UP and SEE what is all around us that has been cloaked for so long.

It’s going to take FAITH and BELIEF and TRUST. In ourselves, each other and The Divine.

And you are feeling a little lost right now, you are questioning if it’s all worth it right now…you are feeling low on faith in yourself, others and The Divine right now…because you are SUPPOSED TO BE FEELING THAT.

This is your fork in the road. This is your time of CHOICE. You are being given one more opportunity to OPT OUT.

And I’m not sure HOW it’s working…but you are being an opportunity to go BACK to the unknowing.

This Mercury Retrograde is special.

It’s your three week period of CHOOSING.

Are you a warrior?
Or are you a commoner?

Look…there is NOTHING wrong with being common. We are not all here to be warriors.

But if you ARE a warrior, then use this three weeks to REmember. And use it to REnew your vows. And use it to REvisit ancient texts and knowledge.

Use it for the REascencion.

Becasue it is upon us.