Are You Here to Lead?

We are at a crucial point in humanity.

When we are not doing our fucking mission work, we are creating destruction on the planet.

We can sit and make excuses all fucking day.

What does you being tired have to do with anything? Those of us that are being called to lead, it is life or death. It is really easy to pooh-pooh that and say “oh I’m not that important”.


The truth is that every moment of every day that you are directed to share a message and you don’t, you do not know how many people that would have reached.

You have no idea how big your impact is. It is not up to you to decide how big or small that impact is.

It is not about beating yourself up about it, but it is about fucking holding yourself accountable for how important you are and taking it seriously.

When you take yourself seriously as a leader, how would you show up?