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Decision and Alignment are the Keys to Success

Decision and alignment are the keys to success. Period. My life is just a series of questions. I believe that the key to being happy and successful is to stay in a constant state of curiosity. The thing I question most is what is or isn’t in alignment for me. Every evening I take inventory […]

Wealth Forecast: May 24th-31st

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 24th-31st: Justice This is such a great card to have in a Mercury retrograde. When this card shows up, I always say to be careful with contracts. Upright, this means everything is going our way as long as we remain diligent in making sure that we are not signing contracts […]

Wealth Forecast: May 17th-23rd

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 17th-23rd: Death, reversed We are moving into Saturn retrograde, which means we are revisiting things that we thought were past. But it is not over. Do not be too quick to walk away from things or end things. Whatever it happening, make sure that you are revising it. May 17th– […]

Wealth Forecast: May 10th-16th

CARD OF THE WEEK- May 10th-16th: High Priestess This card is all about listening to our intuition. We are going into a New Moon this week, so we are getting an incredible boost from that lunar magic this week! The High Priestess is reminding us to listen to and trust our intuition. May 10th- Page […]

Wealth Forecast: May 1st-9th

CARD OF THE MONTH- Judgment, reversed This card tends to make people a little bit nervous because they feel like potentially things aren’t going to go in their favor. Right side up, it typically means that whatever we have been dealing with, judgment IS going to come out in our favor. Reversed, it means that […]

Wealth Forecast: April 26th-30th

CARD OF THE WEEK- April 26th-30th: Page of Pentacles, reversed This Page is our Money Messenger, who is sowing seeds for new financial opportunities. Reversed, this card means that those opportunities are coming delayed. My intuition is saying those opportunities will come to fruition later in the year; we are probably looking at third or […]

Wealth Forecast April 19th-25th

CARD OF THE WEEK- April 19th-25th: The Hanged Man, reversed This card is about getting unstuck. We have been feeling things not moving as quickly as we would like, causing us to feel a bit stuck. But this is the week we get unstuck! April 19th- The Fool Now is the time to take the […]

Rigorous Discipline is for When Things are not Going Well

You do not cultivate a rigorous discipline in your personal practices for the times when you are doing well. ⁣ ⁣ You do it for when you are sick, when you are in a funk, when things are not going well. It’s not necessarily that being disciplined in your practices while things are crap is […]

Wealth Forecast- April 12th-18th

CARD OF THE WEEK: Eight of Wands, reversed This is the card of things not moving forward as quickly as we would like. So expect some delays this week! How are you going to spend your time as you wait for all the things to come to fruition? April 12th- Justice, reversed  Today, we have […]

7 Affirmative Statements for Building Wealth

I write in my journal all the time that I get to be financially supported when I listen to and care for my body. It seems redundant to write these things over and over again. ⁣ ⁣ But you are programming your subconscious mind, sending a strong signal to the universe that this is what […]