Be the Sovereign Ruler

Being a sovereign ruler of my kingdom requires radical responsibility and self-accountability. I can sit and make excuses, or I can take control of all of the things I can: my mindset, my reality, calling in the things I want. Then I get my ass in gear and take action.

With disciplined practices, you do not see the results overnight. Consistently showing up to your practices over time- whether you want to or not- is what shifts and changes your reality. It takes CONSISTENT discipline in your daily practices to rule your kingdom.

I have decided I will no longer allow my ego to stop me from achieving my destiny.
And every single time it tries to, I will shut it the fuck down and PROVE I can.
And that’s it.
I am here to have a massive impact on this planet.
I am here to activate the changemakers.
I own my role. I own my REIGN.
Now is my time.
And it can be yours.
In your life, YOU hold all the power. You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are capable of shifting your life, but you have to decide that is what you want to do and make that choice consistently.

Inconsistency is a killer.

The stories you are telling yourself about why you can not step fully into your gifts and power now, why you need to wait for this thing to be in perfect alignment or that thing to be in perfect alignment are just that- stories. They have power because you give them power. They aren’t real, and they aren’t true. The only thing holding you back right now is YOU. The time is NOW.


Are you ready to REIGN?