Be Willing to Step Into Sovereignty

What I know about this 240-year cycle that we are stepping into this month- the Age of Aquarius- is that it is about the collective. It is about the collective rising. We cannot rise as a collective if we are not willing to step into our individual sovereignty, if we are not willing to step into our individual power. ⁣
That requires that we consider self in order to consider others.⁣
Sometimes, we have to make decisions that appear to be negatively impacting others because it is what is right for us. But ultimately when we are fully in alignment, then the ENTIRE collective is served at its highest and best level. ⁣
2021 is about reclaiming our personal power so that as a collective, we can rise. The more in alignment you are, the greater the impact that you can have on the planet.⁣
Today, give yourself permission to show up in a way that is FULLY in alignment with YOU!

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