Before You Launch…Be in Alignment With Your Offers!

All of our beliefs around what you can and cannot do when it comes to money are lies. It is programming. I believe one million percent that you could decide today that you were going to do your purpose work, get aligned with it, and you are going to sell it out. Period. It does not matter what you have sold and were able to sell before.

I tell my high-end mastermind clients not to do shit until they are aligned. Until you know what your purpose work is, until you know what your divine mission work is, and until you are ready and willing to go 100% in on that, you should not be fucking putting anything out into the world.

If you are doing that, you are literally just robbing people. You are throwing spaghetti at walls trying to see if it is going to stick, and you are taking people’s money.

We are all guilty. We have all done it. It is impossible to be in alignment and be in integrity when no matter how hard you try to do that, the programming derails you. But when we dedicate ourselves to deconstructing programming and self-responsibility and self-accountability, we stop worrying about what anyone else is doing and can fully step into what we are here to be pioneering. You cannot do that when you have not deconstructed your programming.

We see so many people in a cycle of having success and then tanking because they are superficially trying to affirm their way to financial success. They are in this cycle because they have not ripped out the foundation they built upon.

It is because they have not deconstructed the programming. If you have not dug deep and you are just covering things up with something shiny, that is what is going to happen.

You are literally Pavlov’s dog when it comes to money. You take an action because someone is fucking wringing a bell and making you do that thing. And the bell has been ringing for so long you cannot even hear it.

What would it feel like to be fully in alignment with your offers, your finances, and your life as a whole?