Being Devotional Requires Practice

I truly believe that the gods will show up for you if you show up for the gods. Whether you look at the gods as archetypes, as part of your own psyche, as beings/entities that exist outside of all of you, the gods will show up for you if you show up for them. Show up consistently, not just willy nilly.

Being devotional requires practice. It is not just showing up one time.

Being devotional is doing something with intention. It is devoting something to the god. The etymology of the word is “profound emotion; awe and reverence. Dedicate by a vow. Sacrifice oneself or promise solemnly. Devotion is the act of consecrating by a vow. It also means loyalty, realty and allegiance.”

That said, I am given messages all the time that I do not execute or act upon from the deities I choose to connect to.

How often are you getting the guidance of ways that you could be devotional or ways that you could be of service or ways that you could connect that you are ignoring? That you are choosing not to act on in the moment?

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