Being Devotional

When I am called to be ceremonial, I will be. But I am not a day-to-day ceremonial person.

But it does not mean that I am not devotional. It does not mean that I am not reverent in my connection to the divine or to whatever deity or energy I happen to be working with.

It is easy to just be in this relationship with God/Source/Universe, and once we start manifesting things to start taking that for granted and start demanding, or expecting it to continue without us doing our part. It is easy to forget to be devotional. It is easy to forget to be reverent. It is easy to forget to be grateful.

While I do not feel like we need to be humble or have humility when it comes to the divine, it is important that we do our part. We can be reverent of the divine and devotional to the divine. And the divine is devotional to us every moment of every day.

You do not have to set up an altar or spend a lot of money to be devotional. Being devotional can be being committed to dedicating a certain number of minutes a day to quiet reflection and open your channel (in a meditative state) with that deity.

What does being devotional mean to you? How can you be more devotional in your connection to the deities you are wanting to connect with, starting today?