I’ve been called a charlatan twice in the last 24 hours. Once by a friend of my mother (that’s just a long, sorted family drama not worth getting into) and once by some rando on Instagram this morning in response to an IGTV video where I was talking about Christ Consciousness.

My first reflection is that people in the spiritual space are not down with Jesus and the Marys. Interesting huh?

But then I genuinely got curious about the word.


My husband Sean the wordsmith told me the word origins yesterday. I was like YEP. I’m those things.

When we really get down to the ORIGIN MEANING of words they are fascinating.

So while sitting in the airport this morning I decided to do my own research.

Charlatan (which was quite difficult for my hooked on phonics ass to spell btw) comes from the Italian word “cairlare” which means to babble.


It also stems from the word “cerretano” that means one who cries out in the market place.


It’s closest synonym is QUACK: a person who dishonestly claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically medicine.

So this is OF COURSE what these people are implying. And I AM crying out in the marketplace about medicine.


But from my lense I’m not doing so dishonestly. I truly believe you are here to create your heaven on earth experience. I believe you have all the answers within you. I believe you (and me) are divinely guided every moment of every day.

I believe that you are on this planet to experience Hypostatic Union. Fully realizing your humanity and fully realizing your divinity AT THE SAME TIME.

I DO practice an accredited emotional clearing modality that changes lives. There is evidence. If that makes me a quack…I’ll take it!

I DO CHARGE a lot for my services. And I also charge a little for some. I do it because I believe I am here to share a message that we all deserve to be wildly financially compensated for our gifts.

I believe I am charged with a divine mission to deconstruct programming around money, wealth and abundance so that the beings of this planet can finally be free of the financial slavery consciousness that keeps us stuck and struggling.

The word QUACK ultimately stems from the Dutch word Prate which means to talk foolishly or at tedious length about something.

Call me foolish if you will. That’s really none of my business.

Do I talk at tedious length about my mission and beliefs!?! Yep.

And I’m not planning on stopping.

So if you need me I’ll just be over here charlataning (pretty sure ai just made up that word) and selling my snake oil.

If you don’t like my lense feel free to unfollow or unfriend.

But maybe…if you are triggered you will learn something about yourself if you take that trigger to the mirror.

And if one person steps into their purpose and begins to share their message and gifts with the world becasue of it…then I’ve done my job.