Clear Up That Bandwidth!

When I stopped associating my actions with the amount of money I desire, everything shifted for me financially.

I blew the lid off of money.

I was in the $10-$12k month struggling to find consistency and security. Then I just stopped that and started believing that I get to have this money simply because I desire it.

My commitment is that I am going to show up divinely led, doing my purpose work every single day and giving that my all. I know that in doing that, I am going to receive this money.

But it is not me sitting there and trying to figure out how much of each offer I need to sell in order to make the money I desire.

Fuck that.


That takes up so much bandwidth that could be used for you to just be in creativity and in a flow state to receive guidance from the divine and then go out and execute on it.

Where in your life are you spinning your wheels? How would your life change if you shifted that now?