Crowns On

This post is going to ruffle some feathers.

As usual, DON’T CARE.

I’m tired of women bullying each other. The online coaching space is FULL of women on power trips that bully other women. The underlying message is “get in line, or get ostracized”. It prays on our deep insecurities as women and is nothing more that an extension of the domination of the Patriarchy. It is abusive and WRONG.

I have no time for female “leaders” that need to bully women into submission. I have no desire to belong to communities where the women are stuck in “yes woman” mentality.

So in honor of International Women’s Day…I am deciding to SHIFT.

It starts with each one of us. We get to DECIDE how we engage and interact with other women.

I LOVE MY COMMUNITY. The women in my two online groups are supportive an loving and kind. We do not tolerate unkindness, bullying or passive aggressive behavior. We are all EQUALS.

It’s time to step up WOMEN.

WE ARE ALL EQUAL. It doesn’t matter if you have 4 million dollars or 4 dollars. It doesn’t matter if you have made your business a huge success or are still struggling to make it.

You DESERVE to be treated with kindness and RESPECT.

And guess what else?


Nobody gets to make you feel less than for any of the above.

So find communities that LIFT you up. Find communities that lift other women up. And if you sit by and say nothing while you watch another woman be bullied, YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY of it.

It’s time to RISE ladies.
Rise above this bullshit and SHINE.
All of us.
Empowering each other.
Lifting each other up.

PUSHING each other OUT of the crab bucket, not pulling each other back down in.
It just takes a DECISION.

And it’s fucking hard, because we have been conditioned for so long to not trust each other. But we CAN create change and shift this dynamic, we just have to DECIDE and stop TOLERATING the bullies.

We ARE ALL QUEENS. It’s time to start acting like it!

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