Debt is Not a Bad Thing!

We give a negative association to debt because that is what we are programmed and conditioned to do. It is a way to keep us in control because it keeps us in buyer’s remorse, in a place of self-doubt, and in constant self-gratifying behaviors where we overextend ourselves because THAT leads us to pay astronomical interest to banks.⁣
Debt is simply a choice that you made at a certain time in your life. Some of us are so riddled with debt. It is so overwhelming, and it seems so insurmountable, so we associate negative emotion to it. ⁣
The hack to getting out of debt is to move from a negative place to a place of gratitude and appreciation and then to a place where you fully know that you have a choice to stay in debt or to move out of debt. You get to decide whether or not that debt is serving you anymore. ⁣
The best part? You get to take your power back. You get to decide to pay it off either slowly or quickly, whatever feels best to you. You can manifest all of that money and more to either pay it off quickly or pay it off slowly. ⁣
What did your debt get you that you can be grateful for?