Decision and Alignment are the Keys to Success

Decision and alignment are the keys to success. Period.

My life is just a series of questions.

I believe that the key to being happy and successful is to stay in a constant state of curiosity.

The thing I question most is what is or isn’t in alignment for me.

Every evening I take inventory and ask myself “Where was I out of alignment today with what is in the highest and best good of myself, my family and humanity?”

When I perceive that something external isn’t working, I know I simply need to go inside and identify what in ME needs to shift.

Because I am the most powerful creator in my reality.

My external environment is ALWAYS a direct reflection of my internal environment.

And no…I’m not going all Secret, Law of Attraction bypassing bullshit on you.

I confidently say that because I have been blessed to move past the societal and environmental limitations that I was born into or were programmed and conditioned into me at an early age.

I write this fully realizing there are many, many, many people in the world that are still dealing with external factors beyond their control. I know they can’t simply flip a switch and internally align their way to whatever freedom they are seeking.

Many people are suffering on this planet and my heart goes out to them. Being human isn’t easy.
Life isn’t easy.

But guess what? It wasn’t designed to be.

At some level we are playing a cosmic game of survival of the fittest. Those that succeed are often physically pre-disposed to, and are definitely frequently mentally pre-disposed.

Is it fair? Nope. But in the immortal words of Sean’s grandfather Alphonso Pia “What does that have to do with anything?”

You see there’s this other factor at play here in life…

Free will. And our ability to DECIDE.

And most of humanity doesn’t realize just how powerful the tool of decision really is.

Because while some people are pre-disposed or genetically engineered for success…others chose it. There are some of us that get sick and tired enough of the hand we were dealt that we aren’t willing to accept it for one more minute. And then we DECIDE.

We decide we are done with the bullshit. Done with the limitations. Done with the prison that was created for us.
We access that part inside us that is willing to do WHATEVER it takes to get out.

We DECIDE and we take action. That first decision shifts our paradigm.

I get a lot of people saying to me “I decided…I took action, why aren’t things shifting?”

Here’s the thing. It’s not choosing ONE time. And it’s certainly not ONE inspired action that leads to creating the life you deeply desire or achieving the goal you have set.

It requires continuing to chose that path DAY after DAY. And most importantly coming back into energetic alignment with your decision…sometimes multiple times in a day. It requires NEVER losing sight of the goal. And showing up in each moment of each day ready and willing to be guided and to take inspired action, after inspired action after inspired action.

It’s NOT easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. Nobody would be living in slavery or poverty. Everyone would be a billionaire.

It’s fucking hard living a life of alignment. It’s hard doing the work required to believe that you are the most powerful creator in your reality.

How did I get here? How did I shift?

I became disciplined in energetically backing my decisions and staying attuned and aligned to them.

I developed radical self-responsibility and accountability for my actions. I showed up when I didn’t feel like it.

How did I do that?

I started talking to myself.

FOR REAL. I recognized that I was completely disconnected from my soul.

Do you have difficulty deciding what you want?

Even more difficulty keeping commitments to yourself after you decide?

If so…it’s because you aren’t listening to your soul. It’s probably time for you to start talking to yourself too!

I started asking myself what was in alignment for me. What wasn’t? And most importantly, like I said at the beginning of this post, where I was taking actions that weren’t in energetic alignment with what was in my highest and best good.
The more I questioned, the clearer my path became. The louder the voice of my soul got. The more battles the soul won with the ego.

This is how I live my life.
This is how I’ve built my business.
This is how I created this life I’m incredibly blessed to be living in Bali surrounded by my beautiful family and amazing friends.
It’s not rocket science. But it works.
It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.
It’s available to you too.
You just have to DECIDE.
And then get aligned.

PS- Here’s me and Jack goofing off in the sauna during one of my recent photo shoots. I’m living a magically soul aligned life and wouldn’t change a single minute of it!