Deconstruct the Programming and Take Your Power Back!

We have the opportunity to take our financial power back and be the exception to the rules embedded in financial slavery consciousness. When we step into unity consciousness and the planet continues to ascend, this programming and this structure are breaking down. ⁣

I believe that we are going to see massive breakdowns in our financial structures over the next several years. As we elevate our consciousness, as we ascend the planet and land the new template, those structures are unable to remain intact. They will crumble because the foundation they were built upon just do not exist. ⁣

The template upon which those structures were built is being reconstructed; a new template has landed. ⁣

We have the opportunity to step into our true power, divinity, and birthright- our divine inheritance as beings on this planet NOW. It is about having free will and being able to accumulate and acquire wealth, to live in our infinite potential. ⁣

That does not include being controlled and being placed in slavery. ⁣

What would it feel like to be free from financial slavery consciousness?