Deconstruct the Programming, Take Back Your Financial Destiny

Mindset work was important to me. It is what shifted me out of scarcity and lack mentality to a certain point. It was from shifting from the point of lack and scarcity to where I could do the next phase of the work.

There is deeper work that needs to be done for long-lasting financial results, to take back your financial destiny. It requires waking up and having a real awareness of the spell we have been under our entire lives and being able to see that we are all deeply controlled by a global financial structure that keeps us trapped in financial slavery consciousness.

The whole purpose of this spell is to keep us in our place, keep us playing small, to keep us riddled with debt, to keep us in the hamster wheel of always moving but never getting ahead.

Even when we get raises and get more money.
Even when we move tax brackets.

We are still on the hamster wheel and serving the global economic prison. Our labor supports the wardens of this global prison.

We are not the ones benefiting.
We have no freedom.
We are fully trapped in slavery.

The first thing that has to happen is we need to wake up to this spell and this programming.

We have to break the spell. We have to understand how we got here. Once you know how the program was able to be programmed into us, then we can begin to deconstruct it.

Then we can take back our financial destinies and achieve that elusive financial freedom that every money coach talks about.

What does financial freedom mean to you?