Deconstructing the Programming is Not Easy

Deconstructing the programming is not easy.

This is the part where when people come and want to work with me, I ask: are you sure you are ready to work with me? Are you sure you want to?

Because in many cases, it is going to dismantle every single thing that you hold dear as far as safety, stability, and security go. We have been programmed since we took our first breath on this planet, AND we have programming that has been handed down to us through our ancestral DNA.

We are literally born with the programming in our DNA. To deconstruct that requires a significant amount of commitment to being fucking uncomfortable to accepting that this process is painful. The process of seeing how controlled we have been is fucking painful.

The process of seeing how we allowed it is even more painful.

So many of my clients are like: what the fuck just happened? I lost my job, and all the debtors came calling, etc. This is the work. This is what is required.

What I will tell you is that if you stick with this, on the other side of it is freedom. On the other side of it is financial reward like you have never experienced before. It is even more rewarding because it comes from a place of freedom.

You have the ability to play within the program. You have the ability to take back your financial destiny and operate inside the program in the way that works for you. Not in the way that works for the global financial construct.

Are you willing to put your feet in the fire and go through a painful process for greater reward on the other side?