Deity of the Year: Odin

In the past, I have chosen to dedicate a year to developing a deep connection to a specific deity.

If you are feeling called to do that, it is still the beginning of the year, and you could certainly do that. Then you can go deep into that devotion with that god throughout the year.

It will go in waves and ebbs. At times I would fall off and come back. I cannot imagine what a connection would be like at the end of a year after making that commitment to showed up and walk with a specific deity all year.

Odin is showing up for me this year because he is all about knowledge. I am a 5/1 in Human Design; I have the investigator line, and so I am constantly seeking knowledge. I have also decided that 2020 is the year of my author fully being born and coming out into the world. So, of course, Odin is there and wants to support that.

Are you called to a specific deity right now? How are you going to incorporate more devotion to them in your life?


Photo Credit: Stephen Bergstrom