Do. The. Thing.

The waiting time is over. It is time to just go do the thing.

When putting an offer out into the world, ask yourself:
Does this program matter? Is it worth it?
Is this work I am doing in the world everything I am meant to be doing?
Is it important?
Is it life-changing?
Is it impacting the planet in the way it is meant to be impacting the planet?
Ask yourself those questions and then put the fucking program out.

There are people putting out programs or products into the world who are clearly not asking themselves those questions. They are just willy nilly doing shit. I think that’s fucked.

Then there are people who are not putting stuff out because they are sitting in that place of fear of: is that enough? Is it going to be good enough? Just ask yourself the fucking questions and go do the damn thing. If it is not right and it needs to be tweaked, fine.

But the time for waiting is OVER. It is not the time to be just fucking throwing spaghetti at the wall.

There is a middle ground. We are not obsessing over whether or not the program is right, but we are also not being wildly irresponsible and just putting bullshit out into the world.

What is holding you back from doing your purpose work? What can you do TODAY to step more fully into it?