Don’t Give In To Self-Imposed Limitations

I do wealth repatterning work, but I do not do it because of the money.

It is just that money is the easiest entry point and access point to get you to wake up and see what is happening all around you to understand you are being programmed in ALL areas of your life.

The global financial agenda is not the only agenda in your life, or the only way that we are being kept in slavery, or the only way that we are being controlled.

Wealth repatterning is just the easiest way to get you to see this programming and conditioning that creates limitations, and the ways you are reinforcing and creating them. You are allowing them to have control over you.

Money is an interesting one because we always sit there and say, “I cannot afford that.” Every single person that has ever said that knows there was something they wanted badly enough they made it happen. So THAT is an excuse. It is bullshit. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

You are choosing to accept self-imposed limitations if you are telling yourself you cannot afford something. It is just a fact. You are choosing to allocate your money for certain things. That is fine, but then do not feed the bullshit line that you cannot afford something.

Where are you telling yourself you “can’t” when it comes to your finances?