Fear Repels Abundance

If you want to thrive and you want to attract abundance, you cannot be in a fear state because fear repels abundance. That’s just it. Fear fucking repels abundance. So if you want to be abundant in the first quarter of this year, you are going to want to stay as far away from fear as possible by minding your mind.

I also encourage you as you are reading things online, and as you are having conversations with people, and as you are going through your day-to-day life to stay curious about ulterior motives. Ask yourself why someone would be telling this story. What would be the motivating factor for telling this story?

I believe everything, AND I do not believe anything. Especially when it comes to what is reported in the media. I often ask myself the question: if this wasn’t true, why would they be lying to us about it? Who would be benefiting from lying about this if it was not true?

I will always ask myself this because I do want to be aware of how I am being controlled. We are all being controlled either through the food we are eating, through the financial systems and structures set up on this planet, through religious conditioning. There are a plethora of ways you are being controlled. If you think you are not being controlled, you are up in the night. Every single one of us is fucking being controlled. Period.

How does your perspective change when you ask yourself those questions about the things that are reported in the media?