February Forecast

February Forecast: Justice, The Fool reversed, Knight of Wands reversed.

February 1-10: Justice
Usually, the Justice card is about contracts and anything having to do with the legal system. It is a card of things turning out in your favor. If you are wanting to negotiate debts or are dealing with legal things, things are winding up in your favor in February. You have beautiful energy to be supported for that in February. It could also be a new business opportunity.

This card is also a call to pay attention to the contracts. Do not just allow your attorney to look over those contracts. Be diligent and make sure that all your i’s are dotted, and your t’s are crossed. It is going to work out in your favor, but this is a call of custodianship again. That is part of what this year is about- being in integrity. So make sure you are doing your part.

February 11-20: The Fool, reversed
In the middle of the month, we have The Fool card reversed. This is not the time to take a leap or make rash decisions. Don’t take risks. It is not the time for risky investments.

February 21-29: Knight of Wands, reversed
The Knight of Wands is all about taking action on a passion project; they can also be sexual in nature. In the reversed position, this is a warning to make sure you are not championing a lost cause. It could indicate you have blocks in your creative process. Where do you need to activate creativity? Are you blocked in a creative endeavor or resisting change? This is not a time to procrastinate; it is a call to dive deep and ask yourself: what can I do to get unblocked and move forward?

How are you going to take advantage of February’s energy?