Getting Out of Your Own Way

I know that God/Source/Universe has my back. It does not matter what my reality looks like because I know I am going to be fine. I am always going to be supported.

Then we have to learn to get out of our own way. Yes, we will be supported, but the divine does not have to bail our asses out every single month. In fact, the Universe would probably be a lot happier if it did not have to do that every single month. The divine is WANTS you to value yourself so you can be in overflow, so it does not have to step in for you.

AND the divine will always step in for you, especially if you are dedicated to living divinely-guided. The divine will continue to show up for you.

But valuing yourself means you get to show up for YOURSELF.

How are you showing up for yourself so you can be in a state of overflow?