Give Your 100%…Every Damn Day!

My whole life, things have come relatively easy to me. When I was in school, studying and learning came easily to me. I have that 16/48 line- the Skills and Mastery line- in Human Design.

So I am good at anything I put my mind to. I am the best dishwasher loader, the best back-of-the-car packer there is, the best cleaner, the best all the things.

Because if it is something I want to do, I can master it.

It is a Catch-22 though because my 50% is better than most people’s 100%. I can put 50% into something, and I am doing way above what most other people are doing.

I find that a lot of people who are drawn to me and work with me are the same. As a result, what happens with that is that we half-ass most things. I have half-assed things my whole life because my half-ass was looked at as above average.

I operate at about 70% most of the time. 70% of my ability is where I hang out. It used to be 50% for sure; I would just do the bare minimum I had to do to still be perceived as excellent.

But this is a significant way that we hold ourselves back- by not doing our best and giving our all.

It’s full ass, or no ass at all- 100% every damn day.

I have all of these goals I have set for myself, and I was getting frustrated because if I had given 100% every day for the last two years, I would have achieved the majority of them already.

I obviously have not wanted these goals I have set for myself badly enough to give 100% because I sure as shit have been giving 50-70% for the last couple of years.

Are you honestly giving 100% to your goals right now?

If not, it is time to evaluate: how badly do you want the thing you say you want?

Do you want it badly enough that you are willing to do anything and everything?

Do you want it bad enough that you are willing to give 100%?