Haven’t Achieved That Goal? Have You Been Giving 100%?

There was a time when I was excelling and considered above average. But I was only considered above average when I was competing with other people.

When that changed and I was only competing with myself, that 50/60/70% is no longer above average.

It is just 50/60/70%.

The only person we should be competing with is ourselves. I have a goal of hitting six-figure months. I have had that goal for about a year, and I still have not hit six-figure months. There is nothing externally keeping me from hitting $100,000 months; it is because I am keeping MYSELF from hitting $100,000 months.

I started thinking about all the excuses I make about why I cannot show up, do not want to send that email, and why I am only giving 70%.

If we were giving 100%, we would already be where we wanted to be. We would have already smashed and crushed all the goals that we have set for ourselves.

What goals have you set for yourself? If you are truly honest with yourself, what are you going to change so you can get there?