Hiring a Coach or Mentor Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Do It Yourself


In fact, if that’s why you are hiring them in the first place…because you think you can’t do it without them…you are probably wasting your money.

One of my favorite people and mentors Dane Tomas told me “Leah, you are going to get there with or without me. But I can get you in 2-3 months where it will take you 2 or 3 years to get.” And he did.

A good coach or mentor accelerates your trajectory. They teach you to identify and leverage your unique strengths. They shine the light in the shadows you can’t see…yet.

I have a private Muay Thai instructor that I go to 3 times a week. And not because I don’t know how to kick or punch. I could go and do bag work and work out on my own…but he pushes me. He doesn’t let me quit.

I push and work hard when I train with him because I want him to see my progress. And validate it. I embrace my pride when I train. It won’t let me give up. It doesn’t want me to be perceived as weak. (A healthy expression of two parts of my shadow.)

And as a result, I make faster progress than if I was doing it on my own.

Money well spent! Because I know me. Left on my own, I will 1/2 ass my workouts. I will justify and make excuses and give up. I need to be pushed.

Business used to be the same way for me. My 50% is better than most people’s 100% so I would half-ass my business activities as well. I’ve been operating that way most of my life, once I realized that I could get by that way.

There are so many people in my community like this. I know, because I see it in you. I see it because it is a reflection of me.

You give lip service to going ALL IN.

And then proceed time after time after time to just do 50-70%.

You won’t go ALL IN until you have someone there to push you, to hold you accountable. To call you on your bullshit. That’s why you hire a mentor or a coach. That’s why I do.

I can talk myself in (or out) of anything. And left to my own devices I’ll do the least amount of work necessary to get the job done.

I’m willing to bet that if you are still reading…you will too.

It becomes a bad habit…half-assing everything. And then we forget what it feels like to truly excel at something. And life becomes mediocre. True, our mediocre is most people’s excellent, but for us it’s still just MEDIOCRE. And deep down WE KNOW IT.

So we become restless and unhappy in our excellent mediocre life. And the normal people can’t understand. They think we are crazy.

But we know JUST HOW MUCH MORE we are capable of.

It’s hard to move out of that space without someone to call us on our shit. It’s impossible if the person doesn’t understand what it’s like to exist in the excellent mediocre space. This is part of the reason people are throwing tens of thousands of dollars at coaches and mentors and not seeing results. The coaches and mentors DON’T GET IT.

We are a special breed you and me.

It takes one to know one. It takes one to SEE one. And it sure in the shit takes one to MOTIVATE one!

I scroll Facebook a few times a week seeing posts from women that are half-assing their businesses.

What would happen if you actually went ALL IN?


How wildly successful would you be? Can you even imagine?

You deserve that success.

“I deserve to be wildly successful.”


Can you? Do you believe it? Like really, really believe it?