Honor Yourself and Follow Through

How would your life be different seven days from now if you made a list of your non-negotiables for the week, committed to yourself to do them daily…⁣

And then keep every singe commitment you made to yourself this week? ⁣

What would life look like seven days from now if you said yes to your soul every single day?⁣

If you respected yourself and your desires above all of the distractions and excuses and just showed up for yourself each day and DID THE THINGS?⁣

Most of the people I work with (no matter how much personal development work they have done previously) still have issues with worthiness and deserving.⁣


Because day after day they break commitments to themselves. Day after day they reinforce to themselves that they aren’t worthy and deserving of their goals because I they don’t follow through with the commitments they make to themselves around those goals.⁣

When we listen to the desires of the soul and then make goals around those desires, but continue to not show up for ourselves it’s like giving the soul a giant F✨CK YOU, slap in the face! ⁣

Yes, I’m censoring myself…the struggle is real on the interwebs right now. But that’s another post.⁣

It’s Monday morning in Bali as I write this post. I just journaled and wrote down my non-negotiables, commitments and goals for the week. My goals were all business related, including a cash goal of 25k this week. My non-negotiables (except for one around book editing) and my commitments were all spiritual, health, and family related. I will 100% hit all of my goals for the week if I keep all of my commitments to myself.⁣
That’s how the Universe works. When I honor myself the Universe reflects that back to me. It’s just a giant mirror.⁣
For me, there is no separation between spirituality and business. I don’t know how to do it any other way anymore. I wouldn’t want to. ⁣

And I’m not saying all you need to do is sit around and meditate all day to make 25k (as usual don’t get hung up on the number…it’s just energy). Of course you have to show up in your business as well. You have to take action. You have to create forward momentum.⁣

But it’s a whole lot easier to take the right inspired action when you can connect to and hear the divine guidance. And that comes from dedication to personal practices and consciously cultivating a connection to source. ⁣
What are your non-negotiables for the week? What commitments are you making to yourself? What are your goals? ⁣

Honor yourself and follow through!!