How about Bonding Through Thriving?

We are doing an excellent job at bonding through the struggle right now. All you have to do is scroll Facebook for five minutes to see how good of a job we are doing at that. Everybody is commiserating.

We don’t elevate out of this and become empowered through bonding through the struggle. We don’t do that through looking at those that are thriving and asking: and why aren’t you focusing on those that are suffering? Why are you shouting from the rooftops that your life is still amazing?

We change things by overcoming our programmed constructs of envy and jealousy that get triggered within us. They are designed constructs to keep you playing small. But you get to make a choice in that moment where you are triggered to decide, do I buy into this?
Do I stay small?
Do I act on my conditioning and pull my fellow man back down?
Do I decide to disregard my envy/jealousy/fear/lack/scarcity and celebrate that person, celebrate their thriving, surround myself with them?
Ask them how I can connect with them?
Ask them how I can be closer to them because I desire to thrive, too.

If I thrive, my community thrives. If my community thrives, then the people in THEIR communities start thriving.

Choosing to do something different is how we change our trajectory. The world may be starting to open up, but the fear pandemic we are currently experiencing is alive and well. THAT is what is going to be the undoing of us.

But in all of this, we have a choice. What are you choosing today?