How Healy Brought me a New Family

Growing up I was different…I didn’t fit in.

Being multi-racial (and one of those races being black) in southern Idaho and Utah in the 80s and early 90s was challenging.
Nobody looked like me. And kids were cruel. I was teased a lot, made fun of and didn’t have a lot of friends. And to add insult to injury, I developed a couple of years before the other girls so I stood out even more.
I lived in books. I was one of those kids that read a book in the corner of the playground at recess.
I would watch the girls in their groups playing and having fun and wonder why they didn’t like me. I detested the color of my skin and my curly brown hair. I wanted to look like and be one of them so badly. Blonde hair, blue eyes, less curves.

And it’s not to say I didn’t have ANY friends. I usually had one best girlfriend. But I always wanted a GIRL GANG.
I’ve always gotten a long better with men and as a result had a lot more male friends. No competition, no drama. I’ll
spare you the stories of my teens and 20s and the dramas of jealousy and insecurity of women in those age groups. If you are a woman or are raising a daughter you already know.

I can’t tell you how many female friend groups have betrayed me in one way or another and eventually I just gave up on the idea of having a solid group of female friends. I had my few besties (all over the globe) and told myself I was content with that.

Ultimately I didn’t trust women anyway. So I tried to convince myself I didn’t need to be surrounded by a group of women that were only going to try to compete with me or be jealous of me. It wasn’t worth it. So after I moved to Bali I just hung out with my family. And only with friends when. They would visit. I spent 2 years like that! Finally in November of 2019 I got tired of being lonely and I started journaling about crating a community in Bali and having great female friends. And I journaled about it regularly and the type of women I wanted to be friends with.

Cut to last year.

This magical little device…Healy came into my world and changed everything. Healy brought me a new family. And part of that family was Taryn Lee and Sarah Blackah. You know when you meet people and it just seems like you have know then you whole life (or for many other lifetimes)? That’s what it was like with these ladies.
Slowly over the last year, two of my closest friends Michelle Patrick and Soraya Garfield moved to Bali and I met Rhonda Renee Swan and Tracey Jewel Constable.

All of these women are badass spiritual, heart centered and soul-led entrepreneurs that are on a mission to empower women. We were divinely led to each other. Our common passions for empowering female spiritual entrepreneurs has led to us birthing our new project Witches of Wall Street.

We share a mindset and a vision.

But we are all radically different. In all the ways. Nationality, ethnicity, occupation, appearance…you name the way we likely have the difference covered! 🤣🤣🤣

There is none of the usual bullshit of female relationships past…no jealousy, no envy, no gossiping behind each other’s backs.
And for the first time in my life…I have a girl gang.
One I’m so proud to be a part of.
And it took me 43 years to find it! So if you are like me and you are reading this post…don’t give up.
Call them in.

Your people are out there and they will show up in the most amazing and surprising ways if you open up to receiving them!

Taryn, Michelle, Soraya, Rhonda, Sarah, Tracey…I love you ladies and I’m so excited to keep creating magic with you.
Thank you for finding me! 🤍

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Image: last night with Michelle and Rhonda at Savaya to support Rhonda as she received her Fab40 Award!