How to Reach Your Financial Goals

How do you achieve your monthly financial goals?

I believe that I get to have a certain amount of money per month simply because I desire it.

I am not directly associating the money I am making for the services I am providing. So if I want to have a $10,000 month, I set that goal. But I am not pricing services in a way that I am trying to predict how many clients I will get to get me to that monthly goal. Every time I try to do that, it fails miserably.

So I just decide what I want to make and make a commitment that I am ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to get there by living purpose-led and deliver my gifts and my message.

When I stay in that lane of launching and creating programs that are in alignment with my purpose and my message, the rest works itself out.

I do not have to figure out how many spots in a program I need to sell to hit my income goal. I do not EVER do that. It does not work for me. The more I just focus on the money I want, and what the next right thing is for me to do to achieve that, the divine works the rest out for me.